Discover Me

What does your pleasure seeker package entail? 

Pleasure & release can take many, various forms. 


I enjoy kink and fetishism because it opens up a world of exploration. There is room for true honest play and freedom.


I am cheeky, mischievous and rebellious in my nature and will bring this into our scene/play. 

The pleasure seeker package can involve PSE or Femdom. 




I find pleasure in what I call soft & sensual domination. I like to combine a pull towards perversion and control, with empathy and sensuality. 


Though cunning and cruel, I’m not cold. I apply intuition to guide you into surrender. 

I am still training in areas of Femdom, and therefore I have some soft limits. If you aren't sure, please ask x 

What are your favourite things to do in your spare time? 

On the odd chance that I have downtime, I love to indulge in a good film and listen to soulful  music. I am a social being who cherishes my relationships and loves to dance and play freely with friends. 


My favourite films are those that touch on social realism, an introspective art film that you might find in the criterion collection, such as Lynne Ramsays ‘Ratcatcher’ or the recent release ‘Portrait of a Lady on Fire’. 


I love to see live music and to share tender and mischievious moments with those I love. I think that, inside, I find the most tranquillity through simplicity. Out swimming in the bay, reading a book, taking a long stroll next to the shore. 

What is your favourite music? 

My music taste is vast, and you will often find in my sessions that I love to play a range of music from soul, rock and roll, other world, to folk. Music that makes me feel and connect to my body. 

Are your photos real? 

Yes, my photos are 100% real. I blur my face purely for privacy reasons. Everything in my description is 100% true. My photos are only lightly air brushed as displaying my authentic self is important to me.