While I can list to you what services I offer, I usually prefer when clients outline what kind of experience they are seeking.  


I enjoy sharing both vanilla and kinky encounters. 


As pleasure is one of my life's pursuits, I have eagerly explored many forms of sexuality! Therefore, I'm rather non-judgemental when it comes to other’s desires. What really matters - from first contact to the bedroom - is mutual understanding and respect for one another. 


Only protected services are provided. I believe that safer sex practices allow us to both thrive and survive, and who doesn't want that? :)


Want more than two to tango? 


As a genuine bi-sexual, I thoroughly enjoy sessions with couples and other providers.


I'll gleefully be a source of comfort and acceptance during this shared exploration, no matter your level of experience. 


There are a few providers who I like to play with. Please feel free to enquire about who these are (though I am certainly open to suggestions too)!


Click here for more information on what an experience with me might entail, and the prices associated with this.