Welcome! Take a peak into my Pleasure Dome x 



I’m Roma, 


A Melbourne based, delicately endowed sensualist with a penchant for pleasure of many kinds. 


The first thing you will notice when meeting me is my sweet smile, natural beauty, Mediterranean olive skin, petite frame and plump behind. 


Beyond my allure, however, is someone playful, intuitive and sincere. I’m not afraid to let my guard down with good company, to open up, to let out my inner tease. 


Though I have a bright personality, deeper, more sensual tones tend to be my forte. I have a warm, curious heart with a cheeky, devilish demeanour. 


I feel most full and satisfied surrounding myself with all the sensory beauty that life offers: working on creative pursuits, listening to soulful music, indulging in quality culinary delights, letting a good film grab my attention from across the screen. 


I love all kinds of dates: be it sharing a delicious glass of red in a dimly lit speakeasy, conversing until our hearts content, or simply getting lost beneath the sheets. 

Do you, too, have a curious mind? As a true pleasure seeker, I’m all for sensory discovery. I want to create a safe space for the two of us, a space devoid of judgement, one that pairs my knack for creativity with unadulterated pleasure. I am all for asking questions and listening attentively. 

The unorthodox often excites me. Remember, however, I'll always be focused on comfort, tenderness and connection. 

Romantics, friends, playmates and lovers, let’s connect x

I welcome clients of all backgrounds, regardless race, gender, sexual orientation, age (18+), physical disability or body size!